Breakfast Alone

“I tire so easily now, It must be the weather” She knew it wasn’t the weather.  It was her life. So mundane and full of redundant days and ridiculous people.

He looked at her over the top of the newspaper with disdain. As if she was a petulant child demanding attention.

At least, he showed a little interest in her this morning, eyes staring from behind the Great Tire Sale Event sprawled across the back page.

Married thirty years and it had come to this. One-sided conversations about nothing. When had the spark died? Had there ever really been one or had she just married for safety and financial stability? After all, he was a pre-med student, with such potential. Dreams of happily ever after behind a white picket fence she had.

“I’m taking your car in for tires today. We are having a great sale and with my employee discount, it should really save me some money” He laid the paper on the table and walked out the door.

She picked up her cold toast, took a bite, and tossed it back to the plate, looking out the window at the dumpster in the parking lot next door.


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